1970s Plymouth Satellites Left To Rot in the Woods for 40 Years Get Saved

Storing a classic car in a barn is a bad idea if you want to drag it out still in one piece a few years later. But it's not the worse type of storage. Keeping it in the yard will surely turn it into a rust bucket.
1973 Plymouth Satellite yard find 6 photos
1973 Plymouth Satellite yard find1973 Plymouth Satellite yard find1971 Plymouth Satellite yard find1971 Plymouth Satellite yard find1973 Plymouth Satellite yard find
Sadly enough, millions of vintage automobiles have spent years or even decades fully exposed to the elements. And needless to say, most of them are rust buckets that are way too expensive to restore. The 1970s Plymouth Satellites you see here are among the unlucky ones.

Once a trio of gorgeous and fast muscle cars, these Mopars spent no fewer than 40 years sitting in a yard, fully exposed to the elements. Granted, they might not look that bad at first glance, but their frame rails are too far gone. In short, they're not worth restoring. But it's still kind of sad to see them like that, isn't it?

Well, even though they will never make it back on the road, two of these Plymouths got a second chance as parts cars thanks to Brad of "Poor Boys Garage." If they look familiar, it's because I wrote about them when Brad discovered them in October 2022. Come November and released a follow-up video documenting the rescue mission.

Which was quite difficult since two cars were sitting on their bellies while the third one was stuck between the trees. But he did manage to get them on trailers, despite not having good wheels and tires to work with. But things didn't exactly go as planned.

Even though he left the property with three Mopars, Brad had to give one back. The car in question was driven a lot by its previous owner and the daughter wasn't ready to let it go just yet. And our host was nice enough to haul it back and unload it in the exact same spot.

He ended up with a 1971 and 1973, both of which still have plenty of parts to offer. And hopefully, they will go to someone who needs Satellite parts to rescue a barn find or complete a project car.

Yes, that might not be as exciting as seeing revival videos for these cars, but it's a better fate than going to the crusher. Hit the play button below to see them coming out of their graves.

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