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1970 Dodge Challenger Rolls Out of the Barn After 40 Years, Gets First Wash

Sitting for decades in a barn might not be as bad as rotting out in a field or at the bottom of a lake, but it's still a sad fate for a classic car. Fortunately, these cars are eventually (re)discovered and brought back into the light. Often enough, they're restored to their former glory.
1970 Dodge Challenger barn find 8 photos
1970 Dodge Challenger barn find1970 Dodge Challenger barn find1970 Dodge Challenger barn find1970 Dodge Challenger barn find1970 Dodge Challenger barn find1970 Dodge Challenger barn find1970 Dodge Challenger barn find
This 1970 Dodge Challenger is one of the lucky ones. Once a glorious muscle car that roamed the streets, the coupe spent no fewer than 40 years locked in a barn. It's been recently purchased by the folks over at Wags Automotive, who rolled it out into the sunlight and gave it a much-deserved cleaning.

Despite sitting around since 1981, the Challenger looks fairly good, even with all that dust, dirt, and bird poop all over its upper body panels and roof. The V8 engine no longer runs, but the car still rolls, which is downright amazing after four decades.

Evaluating the condition of a car is rather tricky when it comes to barn finds because you really don't know what hides underneath all the dirt. There could be serious rust damage to the body and the frame, not to mention that dirty barns aren't very kind to vinyl roofs either.

But it seems that this Challenger took 40 years of storage pretty well. With all that dirt gone, the metallic blue paint still shines in places, and all the badges and chrome parts are still in place. Sure, there are a few rust spots here and there, but they're mostly on the surface. The vinyl top also appears to be in one piece, while the bumper will probably return to its former glory with a bit of polishing.

The engine's condition is unknown, but other videos from the channel suggest it's still complete and would start with a bit of work. On the other hand, this muscle car probably needs a brand-new fuel tank. But once it's running, it could be driven and maintained as an unrestored classic.

Whether the new owner chooses to do that or opts for a full restoration and a repaint, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing this 1970 Challenger rev its classic V8 and spin its rear wheels on the street. Just like in the good old days.

Check out the first video to see it rolling out of the barn for the first time in four decades and the second footage to check it out after the clean-up.

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