1969 Pontiac GTO Stored in a Barn for 39 Years Is Tempting Outside, Rough Inside

When it comes to the Pontiac GTO, 1969 is for many the year when "The Judge" officially got to see the daylight. But in reality, this particular year introduced several changes not only in terms of styling (such as the front door vent windows no longer being used) but also when it came to engines.
1969 Pontiac GTO 13 photos
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For 1969, the top-of-the-line GTO could be ordered with the Ram Air IV package, therefore benefitting from an output of no less than 370 horsepower. Mind you, 1969 itself wasn’t necessarily GTO’s best year, as both the Chevelle SS 396 and the Road Runner managed to surpass it in terms of sales. Pontiac shipped a little over 72,000 GTOs in 1969, and less than 7,000 of them sported the Judge treatment.

The GTO that we have here is one of those examples that didn’t spend too much time on the road, as it ended up parked in a barn at one point in 1982. In other words, the original owner drove it for about 13 years before the car was moved in storage where it spent most of its time until it was eventually pulled by eBay seller marcha-9596.

As you could easily tell by simply checking out the photos in the gallery, the GTO doesn’t look that bad, though that statement is only valid for the body, as the interior comes in a rather rough condition. The floors, for example, would need major patches, so we definitely recommend a closer inspection before buying.

While the seller doesn’t provide too many details about the car, the VIN code indicates this is a 1969 GTO with a 2-door coupe body style and assembled in Baltimore.

Very little has been shared on the engine, so the only thing we know is that it’s complete, but it’s missing accessories and must be reassembled. The eBay listing points to 42,000 miles (67,600 km), but it’s hard to say if they’re original or not.

Listed as a project car, this GTO is available with a $17,000 Buy It Now price tag, but the owner is also willing to accept other offers should someone be interested in the car. The vehicle is parked in Quebec, Canada.

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