1969 Pontiac GTO Gets “Judge Mental” Treatment

Even though GM axed the Pontiac brand back in 2010, the iconic badge is still alive and kicking thanks to a huge number of gearheads that still use recent models as daily drivers or classic vehicles as trophies.
1969 Pontiac GTO Judge Mental 1 photo
And while we’re grateful that both type of cars are still burning gasoline around the world, we’re more than ecstatic when a classic GTO or Firebird makes it onto YouTube and into our news section. Just like the “Judge Mental” 1969 Pontiac GTO you’re about to see below.

This orange street machine was spotted by YouTube used ScottieD at the Good Guy’s PPG Nationals. He even managed to catch that huge 505 cubic inch (8.2-liter) Butler Performance engine running, so be prepared for a short but strong dose of idle V8 music that will blow your ears away. We’re talkig about 660 HP and 630 lb-ft of torque...

Story via StreetLegalTV


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