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1969 Dodge Charger Is Half Barn Find, Half Buried Family Project, Comes With a Lesson

You may be inclined to say that the 1969 Dodge Charger is a true American classic. You wouldn’t be wrong! Barn finds became extremely popular in the last three or four years, but rarely do we have the chance to know why these cars ended in such situations. This particular model comes packing, but not with what you’d be thinking about – it’s a life lesson!
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Three friends and business partners travel all the way deep into Oklahoma to find what they were informed to be the barn find “of a lifetime.” A 1969 Dodge Charger was waiting for them. While the car would turn almost any gearhead into a very competitive bidder or a determined buyer, what they didn’t expect is to find an American icon that represents a precept.

The guys meet with the owner’s brother who tells them what they’re about to see. The Charger is a R/T four-speed bought 35 years ago. Priorities shifted and the car was always delayed because other things appeared to be more important. It sat still for 17 years waiting for someone to take it out and stretch its legs. Now it needs some work done, but it's not going to dissapoint!

The brothers wouldn’t consider selling the car, but the one that bought it developed melanoma that’s incurable. Wishing to put everything in order before the disease got the best of him, he trusted his brother with the sale of the Charger. The man only asked that the car should find responsible, passionate owners that could give it the life it deserves or, at least, a good purpose.

The boys that traveled to see and maybe buy the car wanted initially to use it for parts, but now they’re ready to restore it to its previous glory. They want to offer the former owner a chance to see it running in all its splendor.

“Cars are cars, but projects with purpose are by far better,” said one of the buyers.

Now you can watch how the barn find they were hoping for turns into a “garage find,” as the owner calls his 1969 Dodge Charger about to be sold. He even tells a story about how he did a first gear "monster" burnout with a big smile on his face. 

The Charger is brought back to life right in that garage! Yes, it starts!

If you’re reading this, then remember to take care of your passions and soul from time to time. We’re not on this planet forever. The video down below will surely provide you with some inspiration on this aspect.

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