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1969 Camaro ZL1 Gets Porsche 911 Bumper, RWB Widebody in Purist-Offending Render

If you're the type who considers Rauh-Welf Begriff Porsches offensive, you'd better not read past this point - the warning also applies to those who find a fault in a first-gen Camaro ZL1 packing a bolt that wasn't there when the muscle icon left the factory.
1969 Camaro ZL1 Gets Porsche 911 Bumper, RWB Widebody 1 photo
We're here to bring you the latest manifestation of the wildbody tag we introduced earlier this week - this category involves machines gifted with widebody kits that go way beyong the usual visual lunacy expected from such a development.

So far, we've only brought you renderings, as is the case with the overly extreme mashup above. We're dealing with a 1969 Camaro ZL1 that has been given a RWB Porsche makeover.

The barer of the aluminum 427ci V8 not only received the fat fenders that define RWB kits, but it was also gifted with a (ready for it?) Porsche 911 front apron. On top of that, the headlights were relocated to the Neunelfer bumper, making room for a pair of CAIs (cold air intakes) - yep, the racecar-grade V8 still sits in its original location.

Side exhaust pipes placed just before the rear wheels (the wide rear fenders take this into account) and an NASCAR-like tail complete the insane setup seen here.

This mind-blowing melange comes from pixel master Yasid Design and here's what the artist had to say about his Photoshop contraption: "After some trial and errors, RWB was a clear choice and in my opinion fits like a glove. I know, I know some will not agree but it's always good to have something for everyone, right?"

Since this is but a rendering, we can't be bothered by the boundaries being broken here, which is why we'll return with similar pieces as soon as we get our keyboards on them. And yes, we will eventually add real-life wildbody contraptions.


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