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1968 Pontiac Firebird Mod for GTA V Looks Spot On, Test Drive Video Is Thrilling

If you still needed more proof to understand why Grand Theft Auto V, a title released back in 2013, is still impressively popular these days, just check out the mod we’re highlighting today and you should figure out yourselves why this game never gets old.
1968 Pontiac Firebird in GTA V 8 photos
1968 Firebird in GTA V1968 Firebird in GTA V1968 Firebird in GTA V1968 Firebird in GTA V1968 Firebird in GTA V1968 Firebird in GTA V1968 Firebird in GTA V
Before getting to the actual mod, it’s important to remind everybody that the modding community is the one playing a key role in GTA V’s overall success, and it’s really not a surprise why. Grand Theft Auto V has substantially evolved beyond the standard game concept to become a fully customized title that features everything from new cars and characters to custom buildings and missions.

And this is what makes GTA V always feel fresh, as mods like the one we talk about today allow players to experience something new every time they launch the game.

Today, it’s a 1968 Pontiac Firebird the one that caught our attention, and if you browse the gallery in this article, you should easily understand why.

The quality of this mod is impressive, to say the least, and the test-drive videos showing the Firebird on the tarmac are totally worth watching.

This mod is based on Forza Horizon 4, and while some people might think this GTA V version of the Firebird it’s not such a big deal, it actually is, especially given all the effort that has been put into getting everything right. The Firebird comes not only with breakable glass, but also with a 3D engine and trunk, dials, and even the driver’s hands on the steering wheel to make everything feel as real as possible.

Maybe the wheels require a little bit more polishing, but this is just the first version of the mod, so further updates could improve the look of the Firebird overall.

You can find all the instructions on how to download and install this mod on GTA5Mods right here, and you should totally make sure you follow them precisely because otherwise, you could end up with the game crashing.


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