1968 Ford Mustang With S197 Front End Is a Very Odd Face Swap

Over the decades, each passing Ford Mustang generation had its own story to tell. The original was to one to kickstart the muscle car mania into high gear, the second iteration is best forgotten, the third attempt resulted in a Fox Body cult status, while the fourth took it all to a New Edge.
1968 Ford Mustang with S197 Mustang face render by carfrontswaps on Instagram 55 photos
Photo: carfrontswaps/Instagram
As far as the fifth generation is concerned, the Blue Oval decided to flex some vintage cues in a modern package. And, of course, the sixth one brought the IRS (independent rear suspension, not the tax ghouls). So, what’s up with this 1968 Ford Mustang sporting the front-end design of the S197, which was at the time designed to honor the legacy of the original 'Stang?

Well, since we’re dealing with the latest installment in the virtual imagination series of an Instagram account dubbed carfrontswaps, all we can say is it falls within the label's usual field of duty. No useful details were shared, actually, other than the fact that it’s a "work of art" suggested by one of this pixel master’s fans.

The caption for this 1968/2005 to 2009 Mustang also clearly suggests the duo blends very nicely together, so much that we’re treated to a tongue in cheek “sorry guys, no swap for today” caption. Frankly, we’d tend to agree, were it not for the curious case of a 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback restomod which decided to hide the very cool Boss 520 Hemi engine behind a very divisive front-end treatment making clear reference to the past era of the S197 II from 2010 to 2014.

Now, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it seems the vintage look of the pre-facelift is a bit easier to fit on the original Mustang body, at least when it comes to the virtual world. What happens in real life when the angles and lighting change? Well that’s an entirely different story, and as far as this red example goes, probably one that we’ll never have the chance to experience.

Granted, this well-blended CGI might also act as an intentional pun upon this account’s previous works, as some of them have been clearly exaggerated beyond anyone’s belief. Remember the totally oversized BMW M3 grille (and front fascia) plastered all over a Freightliner Cascadia?

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Editor's note: Gallery includes official pictures of the original and fifth generation Ford Mustangs.

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