1967 Pontiac GTO Is a "True Barn Find" With a Rare Surprise Inside

1967 Pontiac GTO 15 photos
Photo: Bogdan Popa/autoevolution/Craigslist
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The 1967 model year witnessed the introduction of a significant redesign in the Pontiac lineup, including the GTO, but this didn't stop the yearly sales to go down. It was the first time Pontiac's annual performance declined from the previous year since 1959, albeit the strong interest in the GTO gave hope that the company would recover fast.
Pontiac produced 81,722 GTOs in 1967, with the lineup now including four engine versions, including two High Output choices, also known as HO. They were rated at 360 horsepower, but they offered a significant power upgrade over the base 225-horsepower two-barrel 400 and the 335-horsepower unit.

The 1967 Pontiac GTO in these photos left the factory with a four-barrel engine, and the owner explains on Craigslist that the engine still "runs strong and the transmission shifts very smoothly."

This is surprising news, especially considering the car has recently been pulled from a barn in Mississippi. Unfortunately, the seller didn't share more specifics on the "barn find" part, so it's unclear if the car has been sitting for more than a few years.

However, the photos, despite their small resolution, suggest the GTO is still in good shape, with the rust only affecting the surface of the metal. There's similar damage on the floors, as the owner managed to take pictures revealing the undersides, but you should still put it on a lift to inspect the undercarriage closely. The owner says a new floor pan is available for $600 if you don't want to spend time patching the rusty areas.

The body seems solid, albeit it has already received some repairs, but the owner promises you won't find any dents on this GTO.

The interior hides a little surprise that diehard GTO fans will love. The car left the factory with an 8-track cassette player, and it's still in the car. They claim it was a rare option, and while I couldn't find any figures to support this bit, the cassette player isn't a common feature of 1967 GTOs. Please let me know in the comment box below if you have more data on this piece of equipment.

The GTO ticks many boxes for a restoration candidate, but it doesn't answer the essential questions. Is it still completely original? Is everything still in place? Who knows, but the GTO is otherwise as solid as possible, especially for a car found in a barn.

The selling price makes sense for this GTO, especially if everything is as advertised. The owner expects to get $22,500 for the car, and despite the working engine and the recent repairs (a new gas tank, new brake lines, new tires), you should take it home on its wheels. The vehicle is parked in Fort Wayne, and you must contact the owner to discuss additional details, including the answers to the questions mentioned earlier.
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