1964 Pontiac GTO Barn Find Flexes Original Muscle Despite No Engine

The Pontiac GTO is without a doubt an iconic model not only for the muscle car world but for the automotive industry as a whole, and this makes it one of the most sought-after names out there.
1964 Pontiac GTO 9 photos
1964 Pontiac GTO1964 Pontiac GTO1964 Pontiac GTO1964 Pontiac GTO1964 Pontiac GTO1964 Pontiac GTO1964 Pontiac GTO1964 Pontiac GTO
The 1964 model, for example, despite initially being offered as an optional package for the Pontiac LeMans, is still selling like hotcakes these days, and the one we have here is living proof in this regard.

Parked in what appears to be a barn and covered in dust, this Pontiac GTO has clearly seen better days, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s less appealing. In fact, in the short time online, the car has already received over ten bids as part of an eBay auction, and there’s a good chance more people would join the digital fight as it gets more exposure.

Unfortunately, the seller hasn’t provided too many specifics about the car, though we’re still offered the essentials.

It’s a North Carolina car that comes without any rust, and without a doubt, this is excellent news for a model so old. This seems to suggest the GTO has been stored in the right conditions, which is obviously the right way to go for any car out there that’s being parked for a longer period of time.

The body is said to be in good condition, and judging from the few photos included in the listing, this is indeed accurate; the upholstery, too, looks like it could be brought back to tip-top shape with the proper fixes. The bucket seats, the dash, and the wood steering wheel are all original, the owner guarantees, and so are the hub caps on the wheels.

The bad news is the GTO comes without an engine and an exhaust system, and as you can easily tell from the photos, the hood is missing as well. This leaves the door open for multiple possibilities, including a restomod, should you want to install a different engine on the GTO.

As said, several people are currently fighting to get this Pontiac home, so at this point, the highest bid is $3,664. The car is parked in Maryland if you want to inspect it yourselves.

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