1959 Ford F-100 Ectomobile Is Ready for Off-Road Ghost Hunting

The Ectomobile, also known as Ecto-1, is one of the most iconic movie cars out there. A heavily modded Cadillac ambulance, the Ectomobile debuted in the 1984 Ghostbusters film, carrying the crew and its ghost-capturing equipment through New York City. Ecto-1 returned on the silver screen for Ghostbusters II in 1989, and it's been a legend ever since.
1959 Ford F-100 "Ectomobile" conversion 12 photos
1959 Ford F-100 "Ectomobile" conversion1959 Ford F-100 "Ectomobile" conversion1959 Ford F-100 "Ectomobile" conversion1959 Ford F-100 "Ectomobile" conversion1959 Ford F-100 "Ectomobile" conversion1959 Ford F-100 "Ectomobile" conversion1959 Ford F-100 "Ectomobile" conversion1959 Ford F-100 "Ectomobile" conversion1959 Ford F-100 "Ectomobile" conversion1959 Ford F-100 "Ectomobile" conversion1959 Ford F-100 "Ectomobile" conversion
A unique conversion now part of a private collection, the original Ectomobile might not hit the auction block very soon. But if you're a fan of ghost-busting vehicles, here's a more interesting take on the Ecto-1.

Meet the Ectotruck, a 1959 Ford F-100 that's ready to take ghost hunting on the unbeaten path. Because let's face it, ghosts don't only hang out in abandoned houses and old museums.

Yes, it doesn't have room for more than three people inside the cabin, but it's packed with features you may be familiar with from the movie, starting with ghost decals on the doors and tailgate. It also comes with numerous lights and sirens, a ghost sniffer gun, and oxygen bottles. It even features bed trim that mimics the look of the tail fins on the Cadillac movie car, plus custom "ecto" lettering above the front grille.

The cabin doesn't have many movie props to brag about, but it's a cool restoration with black vinyl and cloth seats, Lizard Skin liner material, and a modern audio system with Bluetooth capability. The latter is connected to the external speakers mounted on the roof rack. This thing is basically a speaker on wheels.

But what about power? Is this truck fast enough to keep Zuul on the run? Well, there's no word on oomph figures, but the F-100 is definitely ready for off-road duty thanks to a 5.8-liter Windsor V8 engine.

Everything looks clean under the hood, and the owner made a few upgrades too, including a new fuel tank, rebuilt carburetor, and revised three-speed automatic transmission.

As far as the chassis goes, everything is described to be in good order, and the 33-inch BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain tires will take you just about anywhere, ghost-hunting or not.

This beefed-up take on the Ectomobile is currently for sale on Hemmings Auction, with a high bid of $25,000 with more than a day to go. The reserve hasn't been met, and it's probably higher than $30,000, but it's still a bargain compared to the original Cadillac movie car.

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