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1957 Mercury Monterey With Continental Kit Gets First Wash in Years, Looks Stunning

Created in 1938 to serve as the medium-price brand of Ford Motor Company, Mercury was laid to rest in 2011. But while it's no longer around, the division left a few cool automobiles behind. The Monterey is one of them.
1957 Mercury Monterey 10 photos
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First introduced as a high-end version of the Mercury Eight series, the Monterey became a stand-alone nameplate in 1952. And it remained on the market for a whopping 22 years, spawning seven generations. Each had its own cool features, but to me, it's the third-generation Monterey that stands out.

Offered in 1957 and 1958, this Monterey is not only the largest ever made, but it also featured a new frame design that allowed for a lower floor. And like most late 1950s cars, it was all about big fins and massive rear fender inserts.

Okay, I admit it, I like this generation the most because it's very similar to the Turnpike Cruiser. My all-time favorite Mercury, the Turnpike Cruiser, was only available for 1957 and 1958. The third-gen Monterey wasn't as fancy, but it looked just as imposing.

Anyway, while the Monterey was pretty popular back in the day, you don't see too many of them out there in 2022. So I got excited when YouTube's "Junkyard Digs" released revival and first-wash footage of a 1957 example. One that's pretty close to survivor status.

I say "pretty close" because the body was repainted at some point. But thankfully enough, it was redone in the original black color, so it still looks like the day it left the assembly line. Yeah, it's no longer a pristine four-door, but you get the idea.

Parked for the last five years, the Monterey needed some work under the hood to run and drive again. But once the 312-cubic-inch (5.1-liter) Y-block V8 fired up and the owner took a drive around the neighborhood, the old Merc got a much-needed cleaning. The first since it was retired in the yard.

And needless to say, the 65-year-old classic still looks the part. Sure, the paint has faded away here and there and developed some surface rust, but it's a gorgeous classic that will turn a lot of heads at the local cars and coffee.

And check out that continental kit that adds a few good inches to the car's length. I know some find them ugly, but continental kits are among my favorite add-ons for 1950s full-size land yachts. Did I also mention that the interior is almost entirely original? Hit the play button below to watch this beauty come back to life.

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