1955 Limited Edition DS Model Lineup Celebrates the 60th Anniversary of the Citroen DS

Hydropneumatic self-leveling suspension, aerodynamic body shell, futuristic design, disc brakes, 4-speed semi-automatic transmission and headlights that turned with the steering. More than everything, the 1955-1975 DS is exactly what its name suggests in French - a goddess.
1955 Limited Edition DS Models 4 photos
1955 Limited Edition DS Models1955 Limited Edition DS Models1955 Limited Edition DS Models
After the masterstrokes known as the Traction Avant and the 2CV, Citroen amazed the world with the DS. Since it ended production at the halfway point of the 1970s, the French brand struggled to reenact the success of the DS but the results weren’t up to expectations. Now cue the present-day DS standalone brand and its model lineup.

In Europe, DS sells the DS 3, DS 3 Cabrio, DS 4 and the DS 5. In their own rights, these nameplates have the joie de vivre and that certain je ne sais quois that seems to be lacking from many of their direct rivals from Germany and beyond Europe's boundaries. Because the original DS is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, the Frenchies decided to make their model lineup even more attractive by releasing “1955” limited edition models later in May.

To be presented at the DS week on the 23 and 24th of May, the 1955 limited edition models will head to DS dealers at the end of the month. Though pricing and specs will be detailed later on, we can tell you that the new cars will be built in little numbers: 1955 for DS 3 and DS 3 CABRIO, 955 for DS 4 and 955 for DS 5.

The DS marque’s chief executive officer, Mr. Yves Bonnefont, declared: To build today's DS brand we draw inspiration from the exceptional heritage of this legendary car, and take up the values it conveyed, of innovation, excellence and avant-garde design. Specifically, today's DS models excel in refinement, quality materials, and outstanding style, technology, comfort and performance.”

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