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1951 Ford F-1 Is Anything But Vanilla, Online Battle Is On

Ford’s F-Series of pickups has been around for over seven decades, and for the greater part of that time, it has been the leader of the segment. That trend continues to this day, with the F-150 rocking the sales charts every chance it gets.
1951 Ford F-1 13 photos
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But even if the current generation steals all the headlines, there are plenty of first and second-gen Blue Oval pickups that are still around, turning heads on the streets and wowing crowds at auto shows. So does the 1951 F-1 example we have here, currently looking for a new owner on Bring a Trailer.

F-1s we’ve seen before, and each had something special about it. In the case of this one here, that special something is the Martin Senour Cool Vanilla paint that wraps the body of the pickup in a seemingly plush blanket of cool.

Yet despite being wrapped in vanilla, the truck is anything but. Remade in the current configuration no more than six years ago, the pickup sports 15-inch steel wheels with whitewall tires that perfectly match the hue on the body panels, chrome bumpers for a dose of shine, and bed liner strips on the running boards.

Open the doors, and you are met by power-adjustable seats wrapped in tan vinyl and matching door panels. The dashboard holds a 140 mph (225 kph) speedometer, a combination gauge, and a period-look stereo with Bluetooth capability.

Under the hood, the pickup hides a 239-ci (3.0-liter) flathead V8 linked to an automatic transmission. And it's nice to learn that the engine was used for just 400 miles (644 km) since the car was restored.

At the time of writing, the auction for this particular truck is set to conclude in a little over seven hours. The highest bid at the moment is $23,500, with a fierce battle taking place between two or three people who seem to want it very much.

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