1950 Packard Super Eight Gets First Wash in 40 Years, Engine Comes Back to Life

Even though it managed to survive the Great Depression, Packard eventually disappeared in the 1950s, being unable to compete with Detroit giants like Ford, Chrysler, and GM. Following a merger with Studebaker in 1954, the Packard nameplate was phased out in 1959, but the brand left a few iconic vehicles behind. The Super Eight is one of them.
1950 Packard Super Eight barn find 7 photos
1950 Packard Super Eight barn find1950 Packard Super Eight barn find1950 Packard Super Eight barn find1950 Packard Super Eight barn find1950 Packard Super Eight barn find1950 Packard Super Eight barn find
The Eight lineage goes back to 1924 when Packard introduced its first inline-eight engine. After 12 years on the market, the Eight was replaced by the Super Eight model. Packard's range-topping eight-cylinder automobile, the Super Eight soldiered on for almost 20 years with various designs.

The full-size was redesigned one last time in 1948 when it adopted the modern styling with integrated fenders that all American automakers switched to after World War 2.

While not as rare and desirable as the Packard Twelves from the 1930s, the early 1950s Super Eight remains a somewhat exotic automobile. They're rather scarce nowadays but the really bad news is that many of them have been left to rot away in junkyards and barns.

Fortunately, some car enthusiasts still remember these cars and try to save them whenever they get the chance. Thanks to YouTube's Travis Blades, we can show you a 1950 Super Eight that not only looks surprisingly good but still runs after sitting for more than 40 years.

After more than four decades off the road, this Packard looked all dusty and dirty when Travis and his dad found it. But they quickly noticed that the sedan was worth saving so they gave it a good cleaning and started working on the old 384-cubic-inch (6.3-liter) straight-eight engine.

And much to their surprise, that thick layer of dust and grime covered a solid and straight body with no major rust issues. The fact that the car is very much complete makes it that much more spectacular.

And to top it all off, the inline-eight came back to life with not so much work. All while still using the original spark plug wires and after years of hosting a rat nest under the shell.

So is this Packard going to get a new life through a frame-off restoration? Well, it seems Travis and his dad are GM guys, so they're actually looking to sell it now that they cleaned it and got it running. But since the car is in good shape, there's a good chance that whoever buys it will put it back on its feet.

It might not be the prettiest early 1950s cars out there, but I'd definitely love to see it back on the road. Not only I'm a big fan of this body design, but I also love 1950s cars with windshield visors. Yeah, it's a weird fetish to have, but I think it's a cool design feature, especially on Hudsons and Studebakers.

Now hit play to check out this quirky-looking Packard come back to life after more than 40 years of sitting.

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