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1941 Ford Western Flyer Is an RV We'd Love to Be Stuck Behind

Nowadays, every car company has a wind tunnel and uses it to create bodies that cut through the air like a fish through water. But back in the good ol' days, people did that with gestures of the hand, a pen and a piece of paper. I don't want to go all nostalgic on you guys, but the idea is simple: this RV is unlike anything else we have today.
1941 Ford Western Flyer 7 photos
1941 Ford Western Flyer1941 Ford Western Flyer1941 Ford Western Flyer1941 Ford Western Flyer1941 Ford Western Flyer1941 Ford Western Flyer
This 1941 Western Flyer is a bit like a coachbuilt car, inspiration from Art Deco design and the world of aviation to create a vehicle that just looks elegant.

It has white-wall tires, fenders that you want to stroke and a twin-color paintjob that just screams "retro".

Not a lot is known about the unique RV from over seven decades ago, but it went on sale on last year and the owner revealed some details.

Apparently, this is one of only 3 made by industrial designer Brooks Stevens. He opened his firm as a young designer in the 30s and went on to make everything from logos to cars, including the famous Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. The vehicle was later customized by Howdy Ledbetter, who added an inverted Ford COE grille and Buick headlamp above the windshield.

We don't know if this is the original color or how many modifications were made, but the seller says this is a "complete motor-home interior, refrigerator, 2 burner stove, diamond-back whitewall tires especially made, 4,000 watt Cummings generator."

Power comes from a Ford 460 V8 engine and is sent to an automatic overdrive transmission. Yes, that's 7.5 liters of displacement. Upon making its debut at GoodGuys Road and Custom Association, it went on to win an award. If we managed to wet your appetite for the 1941 RV, there might be a couple of problems. Firstly, there aren't' any more like this and secondly, the owner wanted $150,000 for it. You can get a Viper and a Corvette for that!


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