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€188.000 Honda RC213V-S Thrashed by Careless Photographer

They say that a picture is worth 1000 words and at times, this is true. We'd complement this saying by adding that sometimes, even a short crappy video recorded with the smartphone can be worth quite a lot, maybe around €188.000.
There goes the Honda RC213V-S 4 photos
Honda RC213V-S thrashedHonda RC213V-S thrashedHonda RC213V-S thrashed
If you're no stranger to the sportbike scene and, why not, a Honda fan, then the figure we mentioned should have already rung a bell. Indeed, it's the official price tag of the Honda RC213V-S, the street-legal machine derived from the MotoGP RC213V bikes Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez ride.

Being on the street, we reckon that this RC213V-S is in its base trim, without the race kit that takes it to 215 hp and transforms it into a track-only machine. Now, as the scenes were recorded recently in the Isle of Man, during the Tourist Trophy, and during the official events, the roads are closed to public traffic, some argue that this can also mean that the RC213V-S might be in its racing trim, too. Well, not exactly, because we can see the license plate on the Honda...

Obviously, this is only a minor detail we mentioned for the sake of comparison. The nasty aspect is that the poor RC213V-S might have to make a trip to the dealer after being involved in a chain crash caused by the reckless, unaware guy filming whatever was happening in the street.

The fellow bumps into a BMW F800ST, and the knock is enough to flip the bike. Unfortunately, the Honda and multiple other bikes are near it, and they all go down in a horrifying domino that yields damages worth several good thousand euros, for sure.

We have no idea how this all ended, but it doesn't look too pretty because we can't spot any crash pads on the right fairing of the RC213V-S, and you don't need Sherlock Holmes to figure out that the left side is also missing them, right?

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