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183-Foot Nobiskrug Is a Unique Superyacht Design Meant To Carry the Billionaire Torch
While combing international waters for out-of-this-world superyacht concepts, I’ve circled back to a crew that has always offered the world mouthwatering designs, Vripack. The vision we’ll be witnessing today is known as the Nobiskrug.

183-Foot Nobiskrug Is a Unique Superyacht Design Meant To Carry the Billionaire Torch

183-Foot Nobiskrug Beach Deck183-Foot Nobiskrug183-Foot Nobiskrug Upper Deck183-Foot Nobiskrug183-Foot Nobiskrug183-Foot Nobiskrug183-Foot Nobiskrug183-Foot Nobiskrug
Folks, Vripack came about as the result of a conversation between founder Dick Boon and his wife. Expressing his passion and “ambition” for yachting, the conversation ended with, “Well, better get to work then.” That was 1961, and today, this naval design and architecture team is one of the crews responsible for some of the world’s most luxurious superyachts.

If you aren’t aware of the work this team can achieve, then this piece of literature on the 56 m (183.7 ft) Nobiskrug should give you an excellent idea of why this crew has been alive for over 60 years. If you haven’t taken a good long look at this ship, now is the time to do so.

I need to point out that this ship is actually created for a specific shipyard, and one that has a history dating back to 1905, Nobiskrug, hence the vessel’s name. However, it is just a concept, and at the time being, it seems that no one has stepped forward and said yes to this dream.

The idea behind this ship is to break the limits imposed by traditional yacht design and, in doing so, challenge the very notions of what a superyacht is meant to offer its owners. This one is not about having the most guests onboard but rather offering an experience unlike few witnessed on Earth.

To achieve this, Vripack is the one and only team that handles every aspect of this concept. This includes naval architecture, structural and mechanical engineering, and interior and exterior design. After all, if you want something done right, do it yourself.

One of the signature traits of the ship is the fact that most of its design is asymmetrical. While this may feel odd at first, if you were to happen to be on board the vessel, one effect is that there is no way for you to get lost. Each door opens into a particular area, and each space is well-defined with minimal furnishings but maximum appeal.

Another aspect that seems to be specific to this ship is the ample exterior spaces. Even though images of the interior are limited, Vripack has put in quite the level of energy in making sure the ship takes your breath away at first sight. This focus yields exquisitely designed decks with open spaces that offer a sense of liberty to do as you wish.

As the rear of the lowest deck, an expansive beach deck is stocked with lounge chairs and bedding, while a glass door allows guests to access the interior spaces that may include spas, gyms, and for sure, toy and tender garages.

Heading upwards, the main deck includes exterior lounging options, interior spaces set up in the same asymmetrical fashion, and at the front of the ship, a latticework of composite sheets that look as though they offer an incredible and fun social gathering. This composite framework is also seen providing shade on the owner’s deck.

Now, one aspect of yachting is the sort of activities and toys on hand. Since these traits are usually in the hands of the eventual owners, Vripack doesn’t make much of a mention as to what’s onboard. But, scanning the images in the gallery, one space I was drawn to was the upper deck and its exposed lounge that even has a firepit.

Finally, Vripack also wants to equip Nobiskrug with an “environmentally-friendly” propulsion system. The downside is that no manufacturer has stepped forward to undertake this feat. I’m not saying that it’s not possible, but people may think that this ship will never set sail. If that’s the case, we’ll be missing out on one of the industry’s most eye-catching ships.


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