1800 HP Camaro Tire Explodes on Dyno at 200 MPH

Normally when you put a turbocharged Camaro on a dyne run, all you expect to happen is to see it making awesome levels of power and torque. However, this 1993–2002 decided to have a temper tantrum.
Camaro tire explosion 1 photo
While it was doing about 200 miles per hour during a dyne run, one of the tires blew up. The drag radials just couldn't take the heat of rolling continuously at such speeds and exploded.

This happened once more when the Camao was doing 220 miles per hour. Even the sidewalls fly of the rims, showing how dangerous high speed dyno runs can be.

We're already familiar with this super powered Chevy Camaro from last year's Texas Mile. It's an awesome piece of technology and we wish it many happy returns.

You can see the tire blow-up for yourself by clicking the play button below:
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