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18-Year-Old German Garage Queen Comes Out for a New Expensive Life

The 18-year-old supercar cost $448K in May of 2004. Strangely, the odometer reads just shy of 1,300 miles, which means it was driven for an average of SIX miles per month. Which is good news for the 5.7 liter V10, which yields 605 HP and 435 lb-ft (almost 600 Nm) of torque. The seller specifies that the power output is what Porsche rated the engine at when the vehicle was new. But, given the very low mileage on this Carrera GT, we can safely assume the number hasn’t decreased.
'04 Porsche Carrera GT 9 photos
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With its carbon fiber body, forged magnesium wheels, electronically controlled rear spoiler, rear diffuser, and racing-style seats made of Kevlar and carbon fiber, the Carrera is both light and fast. The combination of rear-wheel drive, engine in the middle, six-speed manual transaxle, and limited-slip diff could push the car to over 205 mph, or 330 kph. Nice numbers for the early 2000s, when the car was designed. Even if it’s aging, rest assured it can still throw a punch.

The hard-top convertible is now on sale. The auction ends ten days from now, and so far, the price is "just" 1.25 million dollars. Only 1,270 Carrera GTs were constructed between 2003 and 2006, and this car is one of the early ones, as it came off the production line in early May ’04.

That means little is offered in entertainment, at least if put against today’s infotainment lavishness inside almost all cars. If you remember how to change a CD (or if you know what a CD is) and have a million and a quarter to throw out the window for this unique musical experience, you might enjoy the ride. Sure, it may not come out as the winner in a beauty contest, but it’s a Porsche and a garage queen at that. The car was last serviced in 2018 by Porsche Warwick of Rhode Island, and it has been driven for some 100 miles since then.

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