170 Rare Exotics Attend Cars and Coffee Turin

Cars and Coffee meetings in the US are usually held in the local car park, but when the Italians gather, they take it to the very next level. For example, this next video shows what happened in Turin this weekend. More Ferraris than you can name were joined by other exotics from every corner of Europe, plus some musclecars brought all the way from America.
170 Rare Exotics Attend Cars and Coffee Turin 1 photo
Of special noteworthiness is the StudioTorino Moncenisio, a Porsche Cayman based conversion costing somewhere around $200,000 (€145,000). The mechanical parts of this vehicle are left untouched while the bodywork has been extensively reworked in a style resembling Ruf's hardcore Autoband stormers. The Cayman was already a sexy car, but this is something special!

Curious about those Ferraris we mentioned? They include the Enzo, the F40 and lots of 458 including two 458 Speciale track specials. A wide crossection of red beauties from every generation gives insight into why Italians love Ferrari above all other brands.

McLaren sent down an orange 650S, the famous replacement for the MP4-12C. We think this is the very example they presented in Geneva last month. Supercar royalty, this thing!

The non-Italian supercars were not segregated at all. Plenty of Porsche 911 were proudly on display in Tourin, traditional Alfa territory. Even a few Lotus featherweights and rally blue Subarus attended. If you've been following the famous supercar spotter Shmee150, know that his now famous example of the McLaren 12C also attended the event.

Video by Carlo Delicus
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