1,600 HP Viper Goes Lawn Mowing at 100 MPH, Nearly Hits the Spectators

We've heard of extreme lawn mowers before. Heck, Honda even holds the world record for such a contraption. But nothing could prepare us for a grass-eating machine that packs a twin-turbo V10.
1,600 HP Viper Goes Lawn Mowing at 100 MPH 1 photo
We're talking about a heavily modified Viper in that came to stretch its legs at the Texas Invitational drag racing event yesterday.

The Viper was competing against an Alpha 16 GT-R, a Nissan that can deliver up to 1,800 hp, depending on the tune. Since the races at the event used a rolling start, the Viper's traction disadvantage was supposed to disappear. But things didn't quite go according to the grip plan.

One hundred miles per hour. This is the approximate speed at which those twin turbos went all boost on the V10 under the hood. The power kicked in and sent the rear end sliding.

The Mopar machine, which is expected to deliver over 1,600 hp, went spinning right behind the GT-R and soon left the track for a stint on the grass. Despite the organizers having kept a reasonable distance between the spectators and the track, the Viper only managed to come to a halt at about 10-15 feet away from the crowd.

Most of the people were prepared, with enough of them even pulling a sprint-away race before the car even got close.

Fortunately, such measures turned out to be unnecessary. Nobody was injured in the incident, with the only loss coming in the form of a wet seat - What? People were enjoying their juice.

The Viper's spinning adventure scared the hell out of everybody, from its driver to the guy in the GT-R. And yes, we can say power was the one that saved the Godzilla from being crash-dragged onto the grass.

Fret not, running aficionados. As you'll be able to see in the clip, the next pair of cars lined up for their run as soon as the everybody Dodged the bullet.

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