16-Year Old Girl Hits a Challenger Hellcat and Runs, Off-Duty Cops Bust Her, She Loses Her License

There are many unspoken rules that apply to Dodge's Hellcats and one of them is that owning one might not be as easy as it sounds. The latest example of this comes from Columbia, SC, where a Challenger SRT Hellcat owner had to see his muscle car going through a hit and run experience.
Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat fender bender 5 photos
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The Hellcat driver described his experience on the forums.It all happened over the weekend, when the man had dinner with his wife at a local restaurant. This is where the Hellcat ownership efforts started, as the guy specifically parked his Challenger in a distant corner in order to avoid any unfortunate events.

Alas, as the couple was enjoying their food, they found out somebody had hit their Challenger. As they headed to the parking lot, they came across three police officers investigating the car, which sent quite a show through the owner.

The three policemen, who were off duty, had been chatting in the proximity of the Hellcat while a small SUV backed into the front apron and then fled the scene. You can see the damage done to the bumper in the adjacent photos.

The cops had chased the driver of the SUV, a 16-year old girl, making her return to the scene of the fender bender, with her parents present. The girls' irresponsible behavior led to her losing her license (she was too young for spending a night behind bars), but this is where the story starts throwing in colorful details.

First of all, the Hellcat owner tells us how the officers explained the Hellcat to both the girl and her father - "Sir are you a car guy? This isn't just a car, it also isn't just a Challenger, it's a Hellcat, a rare and expensive car which is why he parked it way out here. This is going to hurt your insurance badly."

The Hellcat owner intends to send a letter to their superior in order to thank them for their efforts, while he also said he wants to buy them dinner at the same restaurant.

While I'm glad justice has been served, I was a little shocked to see just how emotional the Mopar man's forum post ended - "Good thing she never got out of the car until daddy came to drive it home. I wouldn't hit a girl, but my wife was ready to take her down."

Yours truly has recently gone through a similar situation, except the irresponsible driver was in his 50s, so it's easy for me to understand the Hellcat owner's frustration. Still, talking about the intention to escalate the situation to such a level of heat is simply a shame.
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