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16-Year-Old F1 Hope Crashses Formula One Car Doing Donuts

What were you doing when you were 16? Sure, you may have spent some time behind the wheel, but if Max Verstappen were to answer that question, he’d tell us he is preparing for the 2015 Formula One season, which will be his first in the seat of an F1 car.
Max Verstappen crashes F1 car doing donuts 1 photo
The Dutch teenager is set to become the F1’s youngest driver next year and, as you know, you can’t have motorsport without crashes. Verstappen recently received a reminder of this, with the teen crashing his first F1 car.

It all happened at a recent event in Rotterdam, Holland, when the youngster got a bit to happy while treating spectators with a donut session. Verstappen was putting on a nice smokey show in a Torro Rosso demonstration racer, when things started getting out of control.

He spun and he spun nicely, until he ended up having to ask the organizers to push his car back a little bit, as he had gotten too close to the barrier - current Formula One cars don’t know the meaning of “reverse gear”, remember?

In the emotion of the moment, the 16-year-old wanted the show to go on, but he went nose-first into a barrier on the other side of his asphalt arena. Fortunately, F1 mechanics will always be F1 mechanics, so the car was repaired and kept entertaining the audience at the event.

This was one of Verstappen’s first encounters with a modern-day F1 racer, so nobody should bat an eye. After all, the teenager has all the time in the world to demonstrate his skill next year.

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