$1.6 Million Luxury Motorhome Will Carry You and Your Sports Car in Style

Have you ever seen rich people - and we do mean filthy rich ones that have over $1 million to spare - take their holidays in an RV? You probably haven't and you probably never will, which might put a dent in Volkner Mobil's business plan.
Volkner Mobil Performance swallowing a BMW i8 7 photos
Photo: Volkner Mobil
Volkner Mobil Performance luxury motorhomeVolkner Mobil Performance luxury motorhomeVolkner Mobil Performance luxury motorhomeVolkner Mobil Performance luxury motorhomeVolkner Mobil Performance luxury motorhomeVolkner Mobil Performance luxury motorhome
The German company specializes in converting regular trucks and buses into motorhomes because some people apparently like to spend their vacations like that. It's not entirely difficult to understand why: you never worry you won't find accommodation for the night, you don't have to phone in to make reservations, you're free to change the itinerary at any point plus you can take your BMW i8 - or other sports cars or even supercars - with you.

Wait, what? Yes, just in case you're one of those 0.00001 percent of the 1 percent who actually have access to over one million dollars and enjoy a motorhome holiday, then Volkner Mobil has the thing for you. It's called Volkner Mobil Performance and it's quite probably the best RV you've seen so far.

With a maximum admissible weight of 18 ton, up to 12 meters in length (nearly 40 feet) and 3.8 meters high (12.5 feet), the Performance is completely worthy of its "house on wheels" description. The Germans can have it built either on a Volvo or a Mercedes-Benz bus chassis with up to 460 hp, and slide-out walls are also an option.

Everything that goes inside is customizable, but the one you see here reportedly costs $1.7 million. To be fair, it does look like a posh hotel room and it comes with a heated bath and a completely fitted kitchen (it looks like there's even an electric slicer there). Then again so does a non-wheeled house you could buy for half the price.

The best thing about the Volkner Mobil Performance is the patented central garage - that's right, like any self-respecting home, this one has a special place for your car as well. A hydraulic lift lowers the platform, enabling the owner to go for a ride in their BMW i8 (or Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabrio, Ferrari 458 or Porsche 911) whenever they're tired of driving a bus and would like something a bit more exciting.

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