$1,5M Edo Ferrari Enzo Lands in Germany to Have Targa Newfondlang Ocean Crash Damage Fixed

This year’s Targa Newfondland claimed an ultra-rare Edo-tuned Ferrari Enzo, which was driven by Zahir Rana, the owner of Canada’s ZR Auto exotics dealership, with the vehicle taking a dive in the Atlantic Ocean.
Edo XX Ocean Crash fix 6 photos
Edo XX Crash fixEdo XX Crash fixEdo XX Crash fixEdo XX Crash fixEdo XX Crash fix
Now, the $1.5 million hyper-ride has arrived in Germany, in order to be healed after the unfortunate episode. From what we can see in the adjacent images, which were published on the luxury4play forums by Philipp Lucke, the vehicle hasn’t sustained important body damage.

Of course, we can’t know how its tech bits were affected by all that salty water until it receives a complex inspection. However, Zahir plans to gift the car with the front end from a Ferrari FXX, the race car that tuner EDO used as an inspiration for the car (the vehicle is actually called Edo XX).


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