1,500 HP Supra Spins at 130 MPH, Driver Saves the Day

By now, a Toyota Supra with 1,500 horsepower might be called common, at least in the world of drag racing. However, when we leave the Internet opinions behind and zoom in on the real-world experience, handling a rear-wheel-drive toy with this kind of muscle can be quite a difficult task.
1,500 HP Supra Spins at 130 MPH 6 photos
Photo: That Racing Channel/YouTube
1,500 HP Supra Spins at 130 MPH1,500 HP Supra Spins at 130 MPH1,500 HP Supra Spins at 130 MPH1,500 HP Supra Spins at 130 MPH1,500 HP Supra Spins at 130 MPH
Sure, after hooning the beast for a while, the feeling of familiarity kicks in and one might get the impression of full control, but you never truly know what that rear end will do.

In fact, we've brought along a piece of drag racing footage that shows a 1,500-pony Supra that was trying to do its thing at the drag strip.

However, once the beast got up to speed, the rear tires lost traction. And despite the driver's swift countersteer reaction, the machine spun all over the track - as you'll notice in the clip, this is an understatement.

Fortunately, the one behind the wheel kept his cool and continued to do his job as the Toyota was sliding all over the track. This obviously helped, with the Toyota finally coming to a stop before meeting the concrete barrier on the side of the track.

Now, many episodes of this kind also involve the car running in the other lane, but this wasn't the case, as the competitor had moved ahead by the time the Supra reached his side of the track. So perhaps a drycleaning bill was the only problem associated with the incident we have here.

Given the disastrous consequences such stunts can have, the outcome we have here shoulnd't be taken lightly.

The piece of footage documenting the white-knuckle moment also includes in-car scenes, which means you'll get a complete take on the matter. Note how focused the driver is and how the aficionado works the steering wheel.

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