1,500 HP Porsche 911 GT3 Spins at 202 MPH, Driver Wrestles Car and Fights Exhaust Fire

Driving a Porsche is probably the closest automotive experience to riding a race horse. While the communication between the two sides makes everything practical when the pace is steady, going fast means you’ll have to be prepared to face the extreme reactions of the other side.
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This is perfectly demonstrated by a recent Porsche shenanigan that saw a 1,500 hp 911 GT3 raging against its driver.

It all happened at the Shift Sector Airstrip Attack in Coalinga, CA, last month, with the extreme Neunelfer entering the half-mile event determined to push the speedometer needle as high as possible, with the 200 mph (322 km/h) target in sight.

A Porsche 991 GT3 is extreme enough to drive in factory stock form, but this example had gone down the twin-turbo route. With the tech work handled by Evolution Motorsports, the machine has kept its six-speed manual setup, albeit with stronger transmission components.

The sheer idea of a car that wears its engine as further back as the 997 GT3 mixing 1,500 hp with rear-wheel-drive is enough to make things interesting.

The footage shows us the GT3’s back end going loose at the end of a 203 mph run. At first, the driver managed to keep the Porsche’s posterior in check. Nevertheless, the guy in the driver’s seat realized he couldn’t stay off the brakes, since he was starting to run out of runway.

As a result, the Porsche ended up spinning. Fortunately, the man was prepared and he also did the right thing after the GT3 came to a halt, when he had to face a small exhaust fire.

What comes next for this 911? Chassis tweaks, of course. People who build 1,500 HP Porsche don't give up on their racecars over such incidents. Instead, they go back to the tuning board and do whatever it takes for their machines to be able to put the power down safely.

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