13-Year-Old Drives His Father’s Ferrari, Shifts Gears through the Neighborhood

What car were you driving when you were thirteen? What’s that? People don’t sit behind the wheel at that age in your neighborhood? Well, let us show you a residential area where things seem to be a bit different.
3-Year-Old Drives His Father’s Ferrari 1 photo
We’re talking about the nice neighbourhood in the video below. All we know is this is located somewhere in the US and that it is home to a 13-year old driving a Ferrari.

The car belongs to his father, who seems to have taught his offspring well. The 13-year-old has no problem in taking this F355 from one street to another. We’ll remind you this is a manual we’re talking about.

Sure, kids who want to become professional racing drivers should start taking part in karting competitions at a fraction of his age, but it’s still entertaining to see him touring the neighbourhood in the Prancing Horse.

Speaking of his father, we expect him to be the source of what appear to be loud-tone instructions given in Russian. With such pressure, we find the kid’s concentration only normal. The little one is more focused behind that steering wheel than many adults we’ve seen out on the open road.

Ferrari only built 2,048 units of this model

We have to explain this is an F355 that comes in a Targa configuration. Friends call it the F355 GTS. No Ferrari needs a reason for being labeled as special, but this packs one anyway - only 2,048 GTS with stick shifters were built, so let’s hope every one of the kid’s rides goes as smooth as the samples we can see in the clip below.

And speaking of the footage, its soundtrack brings a bonus, namely the sweet sounds made by the shifter as it moves through Ferrari’s famous metallic gate.

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