115-Ton Three-Way Drag Race Has 1,360 Combined HP, Needs a Lot More to Be Quick

Usually, when three vehicles whose combined power outputs reach 1,360 hp get together on an empty airfield for a drag race, we end up with pretty decent times and reasonably high trap speeds.
Scania Trucks Drag Race 10 photos
Photo: carwow/YouTube screenshot
Scania trucks drag raceScania trucks drag raceScania trucks drag raceScania trucks drag raceScania trucks drag raceScania trucks drag raceScania trucks drag raceScania trucks drag raceScania trucks drag race
That's because, on average, it means we're dealing with 450-hp vehicles (453.333, for the math nerds among you), and even though that's not entirely impressive these days, it's still 45 hp less than what the Chevrolet Corvette C8 makes. Yes, power outputs have gone crazy lately, but 450 hp is still a decent number no matter what anybody tries to say.

Of course, speaking of math and science, somebody who knew a bit about both went out of his way to convince us that everything is relative and, guess what, so is power. So, while the vehicles in question produce nearly as much of it as a C8, they also have a combined weight that's 76 times greater than that of the mid-engine sports car.

To make matters more interesting, while the power distribution is relatively balanced between the three vehicles, the weight isn't. So, first up in the all-Scania lineup is the R500 semi, the most powerful of the lot. Since the tractor head would have mopped the floor with the competition on its own, it also has a trailer attached. And on that trailer sits a Liebherr L 566 loader, strapped with a few chains that look much too thin for comfort, but don't worry, they don't play any role in the entertaining factor of this video.

The second vehicle lining up is the least powerful of the three but also seemingly the lightest. It's a P410 (like the R500, the numeric part of the name represents the power output) grab truck, and that pretty much says it all. Finally, we have a P450 volumetric concrete mixer that also features an upgraded chassis to withstand the extra loads. Naturally, all that translates into added weight as well.

Granted, it isn't your typical carwow drag race, though the channel did feature a somewhat similar one before, also with the help of Daniel from Ashville Aggregates. In fact, it was after that race that Daniel, the owner of the heavy rigs, decided not to let Mat, the carwow host, drive a truck again, which may have been a decision taken for comedic purposes, but we suspect that's only partly the case.

So, instead of driving, Mat is banished to the cabin of the Liebherr loader, giving the perfect vantage point with a 180-degree viewing angle. Sat there, he looks like some sort of captain issuing orders and coming up with cunning plans to give Yanni, his friend, essentially co-host, and driver for the day, an actual chance of winning. However, that proved to be more difficult than one might expect.

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