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1,071 HP Chevrolet Chevelle SS Is Cleaner than a Surgery Room, Pulls 9s Quarter Mile Passes

If a Chevrolet Chevelle SS comes with 454 badges on its front fenders, but packs another heart under its hood, one might be tempted to judge the muscle car. Nevertheless, when the Chevy in question packs almost 1,000 horses, we won’t complain.
1,071 HP Chevrolet Chevelle SS 1 photo
Case in point, the Chevelle SS in the video below. The muscle car has been gifted with a 582 cubic inch (9.5 liter) big block, which means you can easily look down to a Viper owner. Given the ground clearance of this contraption, you’ll be able to pull such moves in a literal way.

On the other hand, you could always choose those behind the wheel of Z06 Corvettes as your targets, since the 9s passes pulled by this piece of General Motors metal will easily allow them to check out your rear end layout.

That’s because the big block motivating this Chevelle delivers no less than 1,071 ponies at the crank. That’s what the owner of the car claims, explaining the power is developed while running on pump gas.We haven’t even gotten to the best side of this muscle car tale
We’ve reached an important detail of the story, namely the street side - this car is driven on public roads, with the owner enjoying its 1970 charm on a regular basis.

While we’ve seen many Chevelles we’d love to welcome inside our garage, this one has quite a special asset, since it comes with an all-clean appearance. The tidiest part of the car is the engine compartment. Last time we’ve seen an area so clean, we were having a nightmare involving a surgery room.

Hit the “play” button below to see this heart-transplant-fan Chevelle SS having its way at the Royal Purple Raceway in Houston, Texas. Spoiler alert - the Z06 battle mentioned above wasn't hypothetical, as you'll be able to see in the footage.

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