10,000th McLaren Built Is a Ceramic Grey 570S

Without regard to the limited-run F1 from the 1990s, McLaren is one of the youngest manufacturers out there. The first MP4-12C rolled off the Production Center in Woking in 2011. Half a decade since, the British company has built the 10,000th car.
10,000th McLaren 3 photos
10,000th McLaren10,000th McLaren
The McLaren 570S is it and, as you can tell from the featured picture, it boasts achingly beautiful Ceramic Grey paint from the McLaren Special Operations “Defined” palette. The orange brake calipers provide a fitting contrast to what is, at heart, the core model in the Sports Series lineup.

Be that as it may, the entry-level Sports Series is fundamental to the range. Compared to the 1,654 vehicles sold in 2015, McLaren moved over 3,000 cars in 2016. The volume increase is thanks to the ramp up in production and, as expected, the performance-price combo provided by every model in the Sports Series lineup. At the present moment, there are three of those.

The base 540C, the 570S, and the comfort-oriented 570GT helped the peeps over at McLaren Automotive increase production from 10 to 20 cars per day. 2016 also marks the third year of profitability for the car-making business. For an automaker with merely 750 people committed to the Production Center, this is a step in the right direction for McLaren Automotive’s future fortunes.

“The production of the 10,000th McLaren is a significant milestone in the short history of the company,” declared Mike Flewitt, the chief executive officer of McLaren Automotive. “The fact that it took us 42 months to build our 5,000th car and just 22 months to build the next 5,000 speaks volumes about the pace of development of the company. Much of that development is thanks to the introduction of the Sports Series family of cars and it’s therefore fitting that the 10,000th car is a McLaren 570S," Flewitt concluded.

Next year, McLaren will break new ground with the P14. The upcoming Super Series model is rumored to bear the 720S name. Beyond that, a three-seater hyper-GT is on the cards as well, bearing the codename BP23.


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