1,000 HP Nissan GT-R Extreme Launch Turns into a Burnout

Nissan GT-R burnout 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
The 1,000 HP point is quite an important milestone for the Nissan GT-R modification scene, since it marks the entry-level point for Godzilla racecars. From this level up, GT-Rs are no longer that streetable, becoming racing animals that are, on most occasions, destined for drag racing.
We are here to talk about what happens to your GT-R once you hit the point above. To be more precise, we’ll discuss the way in which this affects the all-important launch of Nissan supercar.

The video below comes as a perfect example of such a situation, showing a GT-R that has gone into the four-digit power range and performs multiple violent take-offs.

The GT-R is one of the fastest production supercars in terms of the 0 to 60 mph sprint. In theory, a car with the weight and power figures of this Nissan shouldn’t be able to hit 96 km/h in 2.7 seconds. The carmaker explains it has perfected the machine’s power-to-tire-contact-patch balance and we can’t argue with that.

Having discussed the standard GT-R, for benchmarking purposes, we’ll get to the 1,000 HP example we have here. When the driver decided to go for a maximum attack launch, the power manages to overwhelm the all-wheel drive system of the machine. Yes, some of these extreme GT-Rs have a system that disconnects the front axle, leaving the vehicle in a RWD-only state that allows the driver to bring the rear tires up to the correct temperature. Nevertheless, this does not seem to be the case here.

We are talking about a rear-wheel-drive biased setup, which, in this case, translates into wheelspin. Quite a lot of it. In fact, this GT-R’s launches easily turn into burnouts.

The man decided to perform such stunts more than once, with the results being similar - on each occasion the rear tires melt bit by bit, all to the delight of those filming the car. In fact, the GT-R even goes partially sideways during one of these launches.

Guess this guy needs a prepped surface, such as those used at drag strips, to make the most out of all those horses.

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