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1,000 HP Mercedes-AMG G63 Hitting 161 MPH Sounds Like a German Tank

The three-pointed star might have dropped the 2019 incarnation of the Mercedes-AMG G 63 earlier this week, but we still have months of waiting to do until the brick-shaped velocity hero hits the road. And since we enjoy helping you kill time, we've brought along an example of the now-old G63 that can easily put the newcomer to shame.
1,000 HP Mercedes-AMG G63 Hitting 161 MPH 4 photos
1,000 HP Mercedes-AMG G63 Hitting 161 MPH1,000 HP Mercedes-AMG G63 Hitting 161 MPH1,000 HP Mercedes-AMG G63 Hitting 161 MPH
As you've figured out by now, we're talking about a tuner car, one that nearly doubles the factory output of the G 63. To be more precise, the twin-turbo V8 under the hood has been pushed all the way to 1,000 hp and 760 lb-ft (1,000 Nm) of twist, with the aftermarket play having been handled by a specialist dubbed GAD Motors.

The piece of footage at the bottom of the page shows the thousand-pony Gelandewagen doing its thing on the road, with the behemoth climbing all the way to 161 mph (make that 260 km/h), as indicated by the instruments of the vehicle.

And while that velocity number might not sound like much considering the output of the machine's V8, we have to keep in mind that the barn-like profile and scale footprint of the G Wagon can't be dismissed.

Nevertheless, since the YouTuber behind the video wanted to keep his driving license in place, the footage only shows us the instrument cluster, so there might be certain aficionados imagining this G63 accelerating on a dyno, for instance.

Even so, the way in which the once-an-offroader gains speed is difficult to believe, especially for those who have met a G-Class and know its ways - this is the kind of vehicle that mixes three lockable diffs with a recirculating ball steering, which provides the same type of feedback as a drunken cow.

Then there's the aural side of the video - the Mercedes-AMG G63 traditionally comes with a memorable soundtrack. Well, as you can imagine, the steroids used by the example we have here mean that its voice is considerably more aggressive.

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