1,000 HP Alfa Romeo GTV Drag Racer with Mopar V8 Is a Twisted FCA Mashup

1,000 HP Alfa Romeo GTV Drag Racer with Mopar V8 1 photo
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As if predicting the future, which is expected to bring us Dodge muscle cars riding on Alfa Romeo platforms and using Ferrari power, a group of Swedish enthusiasts have built the opposite of the recipe mentioned above.
We're talking about an Alfa Romeo GTV, the kind of car Alfa made back in the mid-70s and 80s, that has been converted into a drag racing machine. One whose motivation comes from a Mopar crate engine.

The GTV drag strip machine took one year to complete, having been released in 2009. As it happens during the aging process of many such contraptions, various tech bits came and went, with the current configuration being nothing short of impressive.

We're dealing with a 440 using a stroker kit and Koffel B1 heads (a Michigan-based developer's proprietary design) a supercharger and, most likely, a nitrous setup. After all that work, the GTV now plays in the 1,000 hp arena. For the record, this is about double the original power of the project.

As you can imagine, the rest of the car has been modified to support that kind of muscle, from the solid drivetrain to the mandatory wheelie bar.

Given its origin, this Alfa is splitting opinions at various European drag racing events. As you'll be able to see in the footage below, the... visionary FCA mashup likes to counter naysayers with 8-second quarter mile runs and tons of smoke.

We're not expecting the crew that put this together to have mixed crystal ball predictions with engineering, so why did they do it?

For starters, the team that runs the car happens to own a US car part show in Switzerland, with most, but not all, of their products covering the Mopar area.

As for the reason behind the build, this might offend purists even more than the car itself. Given Alfa's cult brand reputation (we're talking about the retro cars now) in Europe, these people saw a problem in the fact that the automaker had no representation in the drag racing world.

With Swiss driver Alain Dürr continuing to manhandle the machine, the only pure breed contraption that comes to mind when seeing this odd-racer is Autodelta Alfetta GTV. Alfa Romeo's motorsport arm decided to bore out the Maserati Montreal's 2.6-liter V8, with the resulting 3.0-liter mill being used for rallying in the 1975 season.

After two years, Autodelta built a few street-destined V8 GTVs using the Montreal engine. But, given the era, those cars only had 200 horses, relying on their overall balance to impress, which is not exactly the case here.

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