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Toddler Upgrades Mom’s Tesla Model X to FSD With Non-Refundable $10K Purchase

Butt-dialing has always been an issue, whether we’re talking about placing calls, sending out texts and tweets or, in the case of some Tesla users, placing expensive, usually non-refundable orders.
Model X owner says her 10-month-old son was able to upgrade to FSD without her knowledge 1 photo
While Tesla was plagued by the so-called butt-dialing issues for a while, it seemed like it had found a solution to the problem, including by offering a 48-hour window to ask for a refund and sending confirmation emails for all purchases through the app.

Not so, says a mother on TikTok: her son was able to order and pay for the Full Self-Driving upgrade within minutes. Her son is also 10 months old.

A woman going by StayFitStayLit on TikTok says that her 10-month-old son was playing on her iPad and was able to add the FSD upgrade to the family’s Model X and complete the process without her knowing anything about it. She claims she only found out about the $10,000 purchase when her bank statement came through and, by that time, those 48 hours she had at her disposal to ask for the refund had long ran out.

The story went viral, with commenters divided between making cracks about the baby’s desire to make his ride safer and criticizing the mother about lying. She even changed her bio to read, “Yes my son purchased the self driving & NO WE ARE NOT MAD,” and has been offering updates that, she hopes, will prove she’s telling the truth.

She’s tackling criticism point by point: the kid wasn’t left alone with the iPad for hours because she’s a bad mother, she says. They were at the table and she offered it to him as a means to pass the few minutes she needed to prepare dinner. The reason her bank didn’t ask for confirmation on the purchase is that she has another account “hooked up” to the Tesla app, where all charges and upgrades on the car are registered. Including this one, totaling $10,837.50 – and she has the receipt to prove it.

For those saying she probably doesn’t even own a Tesla, the mother has posted one video showing her using the Summon feature on the Model X. It also offers interior shots of the electric SUV, including of the two child seats in the back: one for her daughter, and the other for her big-spender toddler.

The woman says she only went public with her story to draw attention to this issue: Tesla should use “a password or security measure before you could make [a] purchase.”

Well our son decided we needed the self driving package we debated on before ???????????? #tesla #teslaworld #ohno #foryou #fyp

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