1-of-600 Pilatus PC-7 Is a Rookie Pilot's Best Friend, for Sale

The Pilatus PC-7 might not ring a lot of bells for us aviation beginners, but for pilots from over 20 countries it represents the machine that started their airborne careers. From Angola to Austria, and from France to Mexico, about 20 Air Forces used (some are still using) the PC-7 as one of the first planes being handed over to rookie pilots during training.
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Pilatus PC-7Pilatus PC-7Pilatus PC-7Pilatus PC-7Pilatus PC-7
The PC-7 does not come from some successful WW2 bloodline of planes, but proved its worth in some other ways over the years. Made in Switzerland of all places by a company that goes by the name Pilatus Aircraft, it serves both the military and civilian operators.

The plane is officially still in production, with the first one having hit the air in 1978. About 600 of them were made since, and most are still in operation around the world. Not many though are for sale.

The one we have here, however, is. Located in Germany, serial number 101 is going for $698,000 and the promise of incredible thrills for a lucky someone.

Like all others of its breed, the airplane is powered by a single Pratt & Whitney engine that spins a 3-bladed propeller fitted on the nose. It is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 412 kph (256 mph) at a maximum altitude of 10,000 meters (33,000 ft).

The PC-7 has a range of 2,630 km (1,630 miles), which is quite a lot. There is no armament usually found on it, but just like all the other planes of its kind, it could go into combat if need be: it comes equipped with a number of hardpoints that could be used to carry about a ton’s worth of bombs and rockets.

The example we have here has been flown quite extensively, and it’s credited with having performed close to 12,000 landings since its first outing decades ago.


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