1-of-25 Chevy Monte Carlo 'Dale Earnhardt Edition' Is Unbelievably Clean and All-Original

Introduced in 1969, the Monte Carlo was the first Chevrolet advertised as a personal luxury car. Originally born as the company's take on the third-generation Pontiac Grand Prix, it soldiered on until 1988 when GM discontinued the G-body platform.
1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Dale Earnhardt Signature Edition 6 photos
Photo: Junkyards and Barn Finds with Sean/YouTube
1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Dale Earnhardt Signature Edition1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Dale Earnhardt Signature Edition1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Dale Earnhardt Signature Edition1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Dale Earnhardt Signature Edition1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Dale Earnhardt Signature Edition
But it didn't take long for Chevrolet to realize that it needs a new Monte Carlo in showrooms. The nameplate returned in 1995 and remained in production for more than a decade, until 2007. The Monte Carlo was a big hit in its first years on the market but it became an even more popular car in NASCAR.

The Chevrolet made its track debut as early as 1971 and it remained the platform of choice for many racers until production came to a halt in 1988. And it won no fewer than 14 manufacturers' championships.

The Monte Carlo's success in NASCAR continued when the nameplate returned in the mid-1990s. Overall, the car accounted for 24 of Chevrolet's 41 manufacturers' titles. It also scored 396 wins, significantly more than any other nameplate, regardless of manufacturer.

So it's not surprising that the Monte Carlo spawned quite a few NASCAR-inspired special editions. You're probably more familiar with the Aerocoupe from 1986 but Chevrolet rolled out even more NASCAR-related cars following the nameplate's return in the 1990s, including Pace Car tributes for four consecutive model years (2000-2003).

Chevrolet also offered a Dale Earnhardt Signature Edition in 2001, as well as a Jeff Gordon variant in 2003. The Dale Earnhardt Jr. version followed in 2004, with a Tony Stewart variant introduced in 2005 as the final NASCAR tribute car.

But Earnhardt senior got a special edition Monte Carlo long before the aforementioned series arrived on Chevrolet's drawing board. It happened in 1995 when Dale himself ordered 25 cars for his Chevrolet dealership. They all came with his signature on the dashboard and the 3.4-liter Z34 V6 engine rated at 210 horsepower.

Already 27 years old as of 2022, the Monte Carlo Dale Earnhardt Signature Series is pretty much a classic now. Yes, it's nowhere near as valuable as a 1970s Monte Carlo, but these signed coupes are hard to find with only 25 of them out there. YouTube's "Junkyards and Barn Finds with Sean" was lucky enough to discover one hiding in a garage in Florida.

Part of a bigger stash of cars that the owner is looking to sell, the Monte Carlo is not only in pristine condition, but it's also incredibly original. As in he changed only the windshield wipers, the tires, the battery, and the brakes in more than 20 years of ownership. He hasn't driven it much either, so it has to be one of the lowest-mileage examples out there.

If it's something you've been chasing for a while, there's some info on how to get in touch with the owner in the video below (check out the info section). The footage also provides a tour of the collection, which includes a super-rare Dodge Challenger Drag Pak, a Pontiac G8 GT, a beautiful late 1960s Chevrolet Nova, and a 1977 Camaro with more than 500 horsepower.

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