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1-of-2 2006 Ford GT Is Up for Grabs, Yet People Complain About a Silly Reason

This 2006 Ford GT comes online for enthusiasts to prey on, but a certain part of the auctioning community complains about a fact that might seem important to some and insignificant to others. Here’s why nobody spent any real time to show appreciation for this unicorn – yet.
2006 Ford GT in Speed Yellow 7 photos
2006 Ford GT in Speed Yellow with No Stripes2006 Ford GT in Speed Yellow with No Stripes2006 Ford GT Odometer2006 Ford GT in Speed Yellow with No Stripes2006 Ford GT in Speed Yellow with No Stripes2006 Ford GT in Speed Yellow with No Stripes
By now, everyone must’ve got over the fact that the used car market is still hot and surprisingly unfair in some respects. People buy what they really want and splurge only on what they love. That’s why some auction results might come by as insane or properly suspicious.

But here we have a real unicorn of a vehicle. It’s a 2006 Ford GT dressed in Speed Yellow with no stripes and just 16 miles on the odometer. This supercar accrued one mile for every year of its existence, and it looks like it just now left the factory. It’s in great shape! That may be the reason why the bidding started at $405,000.

According to Ford’s GT Paint & Option Matrix, there were only two supercars from the 2005-2006 run that were manufactured in Speed Yellow with the Stripe Delete option ticked and the red-painted calipers added.

The vehicle sports the famous 5.4-liter supercharged V8 and also has optional BBS wheels with McIntosh Stereo. The owner also provides the Ford GT certificate, the original invoice, the window sticker, and the damage-free report.

And that’s why people started arguing and messing around. Those that weren’t interested in bidding for the car made fun of the current and previous owners for not driving the vehicle. Many claims on the auctioning website that such an American automotive dream should’ve been put to good use and not treated like a garage queen. They even started joking about the car seeing three states in the last 16 years but no U.S. tarmac.

Others started saying the vehicle wasn’t properly taken care of because it was never driven around, while some watchers also tried to poke some fun at the seller, saying this type of American-made vehicle has “underperformed the S&P 500” in the last two decades.

But the owner stepped in and confirmed the vehicle has always stayed indoors, in a climate-controlled garage. “It was started regularly and rolled to different spots to ensure the quality of the tires plus it was also serviced regularly including oil changes. It was driven about a month ago to insure drivability. It is one of 35 cars that I own as a serious collector and by far the most rare GT available in the world today,” they said.

The offer in place at the time of writing is $452,000. This value is guaranteed to change and go way higher than this since you won’t have the chance to see such a Ford GT ever again. It’s almost as important as the 1-of-1 Sonic Blue that got away recently for a hefty sum.

The BaT auction ends in a little over nine days.

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