ZERO XU Models/Series Timeline, Specifications & Photos

Generations: 2
First production year: 2013
ZERO XU ZF5.7 photo gallery

The Zero XU leverages the same advanced Z-Force technology as the fastest motorcycles in the 2013 lineup. Compact, efficient and powerful the motor provides exhilarating acceleration and is remarkably efficient. Completely air cooled, the motor is designed to provide a fantastic riding experience minus the need for any regular maintenance. When slowing down, the motor generates electricity that is channeled back into the power pack to help extend ride times.

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ZERO XU ZF.8 photo gallery

The Zero XU is an innovative, lightweight, electric motorcycle that blends industry leading technology, performance and practicality to deliver the ultimate urban-crosser. A low seat height, no-shift operation, removable power pack modules and optional onboard storage allow riders of all kinds to negotiate the city with a new kind of freedom.

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