ZERO FXP Models/Series Timeline, Specifications & Photos

Generations: 2
First production year: 2015
ZERO ZERO FXP ZF.6.5 photo gallery

The Zero FXP Police features a fully modular power pack system. With slots for two power packs, the Zero FXP Police may be operated with either one or both slots filled. The removable power pack modules can be charged on the motorcycle using the standard charger, off-board with optional accessories, and swapped in and out regardless of individual state of charge

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ZERO ZERO FXP ZF3.3 photo gallery

New for 2015, the Zero FXP Police offers agencies a lighter weight, more maneuverable, remarkably quick, and highly customizable option at a more accessible price point.

The motor in the Zero FXP Police is configured to produce incredible torque and sits inside the lightest motorcycle in the lineup. The result is instant, silent acceleration. Zero Motorcycles designed the Z-Force motor to be compact, efficient, and powerful while requiring no regular maintenance.

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