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WRM Motorcycles is an Italian company founded in 2004 and even if some people may think that it is quite young to compete with the market giants, such as Ducati, Yamaha and Honda, it already managed to impress with its motorcycles. In fact, the company has only produced a single bike model, the WRM 450 MX1, which is especially addressed to people interested in motocross.

In case you're wondering what's so special about the MX1, find out that it comes with lots of carbon-made elements that could bring better resistance and stability than many other motorcycles in the same category. However, using so many carbon fiber parts doesn't necessarily mean that the company opted for advanced resistance in the detriment of the design because at the first look, the 450 MX1 looks pretty good.

Besides the swingarm which is entirely made of carbon fiber, the engine is completely designed by the Italian company. Moreover, the motorcycle is equipped with a Keihin TPS carburetor, a five speed gearbox and a chain final drive. And there's even more: the chassis and the frame of the MX1 are also made of carbon fiber while the tank fuel and the engine are protected by the same material.

Getting back to the company's short history, WRM has only won a few titles in the motorsport competitions. For example, Lorenzo Pes won the S2 Italian Championship riding an MX1 manufactured by WRM.

There aren't too many plans for the future when talking about WRM Motorcycles because the company only intends to improve the MX1 and use it for new projects. One of these projects is dubbed SM1 and is supposed to represent the supermoto version of the bike which was initially scheduled for release in 2007.

Meanwhile, the company is working on a new concept bike based on the same MX1 motorcycle launched in 2005. There's not much to say about the 2008 model because similar to older models, the new MX1 cross bike will be entirely based on carbon fiber and kevlar and will only be available in black.

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