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Vyrus is an Italian company which became famous for its motorcycles, most of them considered to be pretty exclusivist, although some people say they are nothing better than bikes made by Yamaha, Honda or Ducati. However, Vyrus is somehow different than its rivals because it previously worked with Bimota, another Italian company which created lots of famous motorcycle models.

Getting back to Vyrus, it was a company based in Rimini, Italy, just like its first partner Bimota. As mentioned, Vyrus and Bimota signed an agreement in order to develop the Tesi motorcycles but, due to unknown reasons, the two companies split up. The interesting aspect is that Vyrus continued the project and, after a few years of development, it finished and marketed it as a motorcycle belonging to the company.

One of the best things about Vyrus is that it currently employs numerous experienced engineers, most of them coming from other powerful companies such as Yamaha, Ducati and even Bimota, its first partner. However, Vyrus currently has only two motorcycles, the 984 C3 V2 and the 985 C3 V4.

The 984 C3 V2 comes with multiple advanced features, no matter if we're talking about the desmodromic valve control or about the double omega design frame type. In comparison with this model, the 985 C3 V4 is an advanced motorcycle equipped with fully programable ignition and with electric starter system, the bike being able to reach a top speed of no less than 280 km/h, mostly thanks to its engine which develops 150 horsepower.

There's not much to say about the company but the fact that Vyrus tries to get as much as it can from its development process as it currently employs experienced employees for most of its departments, no matter if we're talking about prototyping, production or sales and customer care.

Moreover, in order to keep its exclusivist taste, the company has hired special music managers, graphic designers and race engine experts that could improve the performance and the design of the motorcycles in order to compete with the market giants.

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