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VOXAN Cafe Racer Series/Models Timeline, Specifications and Pictures

Generations: 2
First production year: 1999

2004 - Present

The “neo-classic” style of its purified line, the rigour and the effectiveness of its road behavior, the marked character of its V-Twin, the comfort and the facility of control are as many assets which distinguish the Racer Coffee from these competitors.


1999 - 2003

The Racer Coffee was born for the expert, seeking the exclusiveness in an original line and authentic feelings of control. Top-of-the-range by the quality of materials, with in particular of many aluminium parts. General-purpose by its comfort, facility of the single-seat/two-seater convertibility of the saddle and the colors proposed. Equipped with V-Twin 996 Cm3, 100ch, the Café Racer's s...