VELOCETTE L.E. Mk Models/Series Timeline, Specifications & Photos

Generations: 3
First production year: 1948

1958 - 1971

In 1958, Velocette launched the Mk III LE with a foot operated gear change and a conventional kick start. An extra gear was added, together with 18-inch-diameter (460 mm) wheels. The instrumentation was relocated to the head lamp, and the petrol capacity was increased from a meagre 1.25 to 1.62 imperial gallons (5.7 to 7.4 l; 1.50 to 1.95 US gal).


1951 - 1960

In 1951, Velocette introduced the Mk.II, which at first glance looked no different from the Mk.I. The engine had been bored out to 192cc, achieving a power output of 8HP.


1948 - 1950

The Velocette LE was a motorcycle made by Velocette from 1948 to 1970. The designation LE stood for "little engine". Used by over fifty British Police forces, the police riders became known as "Noddies" because they were required to nod to senior officers, and the LE was nicknamed "the Noddy Bike". Production ended in 1970 when the company ran into financial problems and went into voluntary liquidation.