TRIUMPH TR Series/Models Timeline, Specifications and Pictures

Generations: 3
First production year: 1973

1981 - 1982

The TR7 Tiger 750 is a Triumph in the traditional style - lively, gutsy, tractable, and with the handling bred of a whole basket-full of production race victories. It was called the TR7 in 1978/9 and the TR7V in 1980 but these were effectively the same model. There was a gap in production from the first year (1973) until it was re-started in 1975.


1976 - 1980

In 1976, it was the first full year model of Meriden Co-op, a newly-formed and owned subsidiary of Meriden. Some 60,000 twin-carburetor Bonnevilles and single-carb Tiger 750s (and other variants) were produced. The classic air-cooled, parallel-twin displaced 724cc on early bikes but after mid-’73 was bumped to 744cc. Early five-speed gearboxes shifted on the right; 1975 and later were left-hand ...


1973 - 1974

The genesis of the model came with the introduction of the 650-cc Thunderbird Model in 1950. This was released to meet the demand for higher-capacity motorcycles, particularly from the United States, Triumph's largest export market. The Tiger featured down swept exhaust with balance pipe, its stablemate the TR6R kept the trophy name with its competition association and had high rise exaust ...