SYM WOLF Models/Series Timeline, Specifications & Photos

Generations: 3
First production year: 2015
SYM CLASSIC 150 photo gallery

Wolf is a real motorcycle, with all the attributes of a real motorcycle, just in three-quarter scale. We think its small size and low power are its greatest assets, making the Wolf a bike anyone can ride with ease. The SYM Wolf Classic 150 is as charming to ride as it is to look at. When you’re considering one of the smallest displacement motorcycles currently for sale in the USA, there isn’t much to compare it too.

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SYM Wolf SB125N photo gallery

With its dazzling look, Wolf SB125Ni is great with the nimble handling and comfortable riding position. The masculine tank cannot be ignored once this bike occurs into the eyesight. When maneuvering this machine, any riders will immediately find the joy of riding - easily stay away from the traffic and shuttling in the street.

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SYM SB250Ni photo gallery

Larger displacement, more luxurious equipment! Equipped with a 250cc 4V liquid-cooling engine, the max horse power of Wolf SB250Ni reaches 18.4kw. The new balance shaft enables the rider to enjoy the biggest fun of riding with the smallest vibration. The blue-light digital speedometer with a displays of gear shifting provides an friendly riding for the riders of every level.

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