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Puch is a motorcycle manufacturing company founded in 1889 by Johann Puch and headquartered in Graz, Austria. Although it was mostly famous for building motorcycles, the company has also produced automobiles and bicycles. Puch's history began a long time ago when Johann Puch was only interested in building bicycles but, after ten years of production, he decided to create his own company that would produce motorcycles and mopeds.

The first scooter ever manufactured by the company was released 48 years later after its official launch date (1903), in 1952. However, the famous Puch 500 was manufactured in 1957, shortly followed by other well known models such as 150, 175, 250 SG and 250 SGS.

In 1906, the well-known two-cylinder Puch Voiturette entered production and in 1909 a Puch car simply amazed the world after it set a new world high-speed record of 130.4 km/h. Things were going great for the company, as there were no less than 300 cars, 300 motorcycles and 16,000 motorcycles manufactured per year by 1912.

As the time passed by, Puch managed to design twenty one types of cars, lorries, buses, military vehicles and even limousines for the imperial Habsburg family as well as vehicles for the Austro-Hungarian Army. The collapse of the empire as a result of the War determined the automobile market encounter a lot of problems, so the car production was shut down for Puch.

In 1928 the company merged with Austro-Daimler and became a part of the new Austro-Daimler-Puchwerkwe business, which in its turn, merged in 1934 with Steyr AG to form Steyr-Daimler-Puch. During World War II, Puch's plants began to manufacture guns for the country's army.

On the US market, the company's bikes were sold and known with different aliases, namely Allstate and Sears. Unfortunately, the company closed in 1987, being bought by Piaggio.