Segment: Naked / Road
Production started year: 2016

MIDUAL TYPE 1 2016-Present 22 Photos
MIDUAL TYPE 1 (2016-Present)MIDUAL TYPE 1 (2016-Present)MIDUAL TYPE 1 (2016-Present)MIDUAL TYPE 1 (2016-Present)MIDUAL TYPE 1 (2016-Present)MIDUAL TYPE 1 (2016-Present)MIDUAL TYPE 1 (2016-Present)MIDUAL TYPE 1 (2016-Present)MIDUAL TYPE 1 (2016-Present)MIDUAL TYPE 1 (2016-Present)MIDUAL TYPE 1 (2016-Present)MIDUAL TYPE 1 (2016-Present)MIDUAL TYPE 1 (2016-Present)MIDUAL TYPE 1 (2016-Present)MIDUAL TYPE 1 (2016-Present)MIDUAL TYPE 1 (2016-Present)MIDUAL TYPE 1 (2016-Present)MIDUAL TYPE 1 (2016-Present)MIDUAL TYPE 1 (2016-Present)MIDUAL TYPE 1 (2016-Present)MIDUAL TYPE 1 (2016-Present)MIDUAL TYPE 1 (2016-Present)

he Midual Type 1 still uses a transverse flat-twin engine design and the cylinders laying in the frame at a 25° downward angle. Midual claims the arrangement offers a low center of gravity while reducing longitudinal inertia. While the original 900 concept had a 94 mm bore and 63 mm stroke, the Type 1 has a 100 mm cylinder bore with a 66 mm stroke, giving it a 1036cc displacement. Midual claims 74 ft-lb. of torque at 5300 rpm with a peak of 106 hp at 8000 rpm, just 800 rpm below the liquid-cooled, fuel-injected DOHC four-valve per cylinder engine’s rev limit.

The engine is mounted to an aluminum alloy frame with an integrated fuel tank, holding 3.7 gallons of gasoline. The top of the fuel tank houses an instrument panel with several analog gauges.

MIDUAL TYPE 1 2016-Present


engine specs
Type:Sloping flat-twin, transversal crankshaft
Displacement:1036 cm3
Bore X Stroke:3.9x2.6 in OR 99 mm
Compression Ratio:12.1:1
Horsepower:106/8200 KW(hp)/RPM
Torque:69/5500 lb-ft/RPM OR 94/5500 Nm/RPM
Fuel System:Electronic Injection
transmission specs
Gearbox:6-Speed manual
Clutch:Wet multiplate
Primary Drive:-
Final Drive:Chain
chassis specs
Frame:Double-wall aluminium alloy monocoque, acting as the fuel tank and the body
Front Suspension:43 mm Ohlins FGRT fork, displacement 120 mm / 4.7 in
Rear Suspension:Ohlins TTX 36 shock absorber, displacement 120 mm / 4.7 in
Front Brake:Two four-piston Brembo calipers, diam. 320 mm floating discs
Rear Brake:Two-piston Brembo caliper, diam. 245 mm disc
dimension specs
Overall Length:-
Overall Width:-
Seat Height:31.5 in OR 800 mm
Weelbase:59.3 in OR 1506 mm
Ground Clearance:-
Weight:527 lbs OR 239 kg
Fuel Capacity:3.7 gallons OR 14.0 L
tyres specs
Front:120/70 x 17
Rear:180/55 x 17
power system specs
Power pack:-
Nominal Capacity:-
Maximum Capacity:-
Charger type:-
Charging time (normal):-
Charging time (quick):-
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