MASH FIVE HUNDRED Models/Series Timeline, Specifications & Photos

Generations: 2
First production year: 2015
MASH FIVE HUNDRED 400 photo gallery

From the outset, the Mash Five Hundred seems to invite you to approach. She is pretty and simple, and vice versa. His line neo retro, reminiscent of a bunch of 70/80 models, is elegant. Certainly, the integration of Siemens injection is not as neat as a Triumph Bonneville who hides behind false carburetors, but at this price, you can not ask the impossible.

The template is also very relevant: 2130 mm long, for 151 kg dry and 780 mm of seat height. In fact, with my little meter seventy, I put your feet flat on both sides. And the engine off maneuvers such a light bike is simply a treat. Fortunately, by the way, given its capacity. Then you would start with a choice, a kick not really easy to operate or otherwise more comfortable electric starter.

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In 2015 French manufacturer Mash Motors has just unveiled a limited edition version of its Five Hundred retro bike. It’s called the Mash Von Dutch and it’s a fresh approach to a bike known for its neo-retro looks.

full description and technical specifications